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Activities We Offer


Teaching children how to grow a variety of healthy foods, some to bring home and share with the family. Growing tasty potatoes, yummy strawberries, fresh tomatoes, are just a few examples. Nurturing plants from small seeds is quite a skill!


Katie Perrin is a  professional dancing instructor. Due to her commitments she will only be with us on  Mondays. Both ks1/2 girls and boys will get the chance to experience the fun of this session. You don't have to be able to dance, just enjoy the music with your friends. Street dancing will be the main technique to be learnt in this time.  

Young Ballerinas

Arts & crafts

Bringing out that creative flair whether it's through; painting, sculpting, or drawing, this type of fun gives everybody a chance to be proud of what they've made! Some adult lead activities on themes such as seasons, animals, and festivals etc. will be on offer helping to think about the world around us.

Board Games

Participating in a fun game with friends promotes; sharing, taking turns, verbal communication, letter recognition, number counting, and social interaction. We offer enjoyable games relative to the child's age such as snakes and ladders, Connect 4, Twister, Pop-up Pirate, etc.  


A practical activity that encourages fine motor skills, following directions, and early concepts of science and maths that prove beneficial in the growth and development of your child. With close supervision we'll be baking cakes, making fruit salads, creating sandwiches, crafting pizzas, and many more tasty recipes from around the world.

Relaxing time

Cuddle up to the cushions in the cosy corner filled with blankets and beanbags. Relax on your own or with a friend to chat about the day, to look at the variety of books, or to keep away from the busy club.  

outdoor activities

Whether it's sunny or wet, dark or light there are lots of exciting experiences for the outside play. Enjoy the equipment on offer by choosing from bat games, ball skills, throwing skills, scooters, hoppers, having fun in the dark with glow toys, adult lead games and many more.

Just connecting with life outdoors enables physical and mental needs to become stronger.

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