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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much does Happy Hours Out of School Club cost?
    The cost can range from 3 different prices depending on what option you decide to choose when booking. Each ranging from various times of; 1 hour 30 minutes, 2 hours 25 minutes, and 3 hours 25 minutes. 1. 3:05pm - 4:45pm = £8 2. 3:05pm - 5:30pm = £9.50 3. 3:05pm - 6:30pm = £12.50
  • When are you open?
    Monday - Friday 3:05pm - 6:30pm
  • Are you open during the holidays?
    Unfortunately we are not, however Birchwood Leisure Centre run a playscheme during the holidays which could be an alternative option.
  • Where do I drop off/pick up my child?
    Drop off: KS1 children are collected immediately by Happy Hours staff once school has finished. KS2 children are to make their own way to the dining area where the club is held to begin with. Pick up: Parents are to pick up their children from the main entranceof the school buliding. Access is gained from the side car park of the school through use of the side gate.
  • Where is Happy Hours Out of School Club?
    We are situated at Birchwood Avenue Primary School. Please view our Contact page if you would like to know the exact location.
  • What activities do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of activities such as; arts & crafts, board games, cookery, and even street dance! If you're interested in the many other activities we have available don't hesitiate to check out our Activities page here.
  • Can you help out in an emergency situation?
    Yes, we're more than happy to help. In an emergency situation it would be best advised to contact us through phone as it would be the quickest response. Lisa Bailey Phone: 07914114590 Morag Moss Phone: 07914114591 If the emergency doesn't require a quick response then please view our other contact information on our Contact page here.
  • How do I get a refund if I've overpaid by mistake?
    Any overpayments will be paid back into the original account it came from, by the end of each working month. We advise you notify us as soon as possible via phone or email so that we can rectify the issue swiftly. Note: will they need some confirmation of ID? request them to read out their card details (first 12 digits, expirary date, and last 3 digits of security code on back?) over phone? if so then mention. 2nd note: explain how refunds work in childcare to customer. mention policy of booking also.
  • What will the club do to make my child feel safe and happy?
    As regards to keeping your child safe and feeling happy, we have in place polices that will cover all aspects of this. If you would like to view these policies click here.
  • When do I pick up my child?
    Anytime before 6:30pm based on the time slot you chose for the booking you have made. Please be aware that a late collection fee will be applied to your invoice if you happen to arrive late when picking up your child. This is mentioned on our Policies & Procedures page which we advice all parents should read through before booking with us.
  • What if I want to change the days I've already booked?
    We need one weeks full notice to change previously booked dates. In order to do this we suggest getting in contact with us either by email or over the phone where we'll be able to get the required details from you in order to change the date you have booked if possible. Please consider that the day you may want to change the booking to could be fully booked and therefore not possible to be changed that's why it's best to make any needed adjustments as soon as possible.
  • How do the sessions work?
    Each day we offer some adult led activities as well as free play for the children to enjoy. The activities of each day are rotated every other week (excluding dancing which will always be on Monday). This is put in place to keep the sessions exciting and interesting for all. Throughout all sessions we offer free snacks and drinks for the children - such as fruit and juice.
  • Is Happy Hours open to every year group?
    Yes, from Reception to Year 6. KS1 and KS2.
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