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About Us

Two aspiring individuals who would like to create a positive impact on the lives of children and are passionate enough to inspire those children to become the best possible versions of their selves that they can be.

Hello, my name is Lisa Bailey. I've been an Ofsted registered childminder for nearly 20 years. I have a huge personal interest in Birchwood Avenue Primary School. My three children all attended Birchwood Primary and we often look back on those times with fond memories.

For the past 14 years I’ve held a position as one of the governing bodies of the school, giving me a valuable insight into how the school is run, the achievements the children make, and a better understanding of our local community.

Before beginning work in the childcare industry, I trained as a classical French chef and worked in and around central London and the Docklands area. Cookery is something I’ve always enjoyed and so have the children who have been in my care, it’s a useful skill to learn and an activity we’ll be doing regularly at Happy Hours. So standby for some fantastic dishes that your children will be bringing home!

If you are looking for fun, engaging, yet affordable out of school childcare come in and have a chat with us. At my most recent Ofsted graded inspection I gained outstanding across all four areas I was judged upon, I was extremely pleased. You and more importantly your children will not be disappointed with the activities we are offering nor the level of care that we provide.

Lisa Bailey

Ofsted Approved Childminder

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Morag Moss

Ofsted Approved Childminder

Hello, my name is Morag Moss. Before I started working with children, I studied at college to gain an NNEB qualification. This allowed me to then follow my career in childcare; I joined a team of leaders at a nursery in Finchley for 12 years, and then became a childminder. Living in Hatfield the children in my care were primarily from our local area, attending Birchwood Nursery and Green Lanes Primary School.


During this time I had three of my own children and gained two step children. With 37 years’ worth of childcare experience it has proven time and time again to be an invaluable skill, especially now that I have two grandchildren. Of course, having these skills and constantly updating myself with training courses, as well as keeping abreast of current changes and legislation within the childcare industry will prove to be useful here at Happy Hours.


In the past I was also an active member of a committee within a local Hatfield School for 5 years. Some of my important tasks were to; order food, prepare, and co-ordinate a party of people for the yearly Lemsford Fete. Catering for over 5,000 hungry people brought many challenges but was hugely rewarding and good fun.


I’m very excited to be working within a team again. Through dedicating my skills, sense of humour, and a strong ‘can do’ attitude with the children will help to promote positive outcomes for us all.

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